Agroamérica sponsors training to farms staff involved with Best Families-CEFI Program

Agroamérica sponsors training to farms staff involved with Best Families-CEFI Program

Guatemala, August 2009. From August 9 to the 14, was held the first training workshop for field technicians and general coordination of the Best Family- CEFI program, sponsored by Agroamérica, at the Hotel Siboney, Retalhuleu.

During the sessions, training was provided to participants involved in program development so that they could competently perform the initial phase and the implementation of training workshops with women in the communities.

Some of the discussed topics during the induction were the pillars of food and nutrition security, food nutritional insecurity tree, Best Families program and its objectives, lines of action, strategy, levels, phases of the program cycle, will or desire, satisfaction or effect, outline of training and structure plans, goals, the desired impact at the end of the process and desired outcomes.

The facilitators of the workshop, Eber Garcia, technical director, and Brenda Roxana Letona, coordinator of assessment and training for the Best Family- CEFI program, evaluated the group learning, noting that there is ability, disposition and positive attitude on the part of technicians for program implementation. Additionally, they said it was clear the political and technical support to program development by Agroamérica officials who attended the workshop. They also said that knowledge of the program model and nutritional food security and by the General Coordinator of itself is a strength that will help achieve better program results.

The results from the workshop were:

  • Preparation of technical staff to proceed with the initial phase of the program and transfer of the first training workshops for the participants.
  • The progress of the initial phase of the program was conducted in the months of July and August, during which participating communities have been located, number of groups has been established, the net population and community leaders have been identified, mothers and children have been instructed and given their nutritional status to have a parameter to measure results.

Next steps:

  • The inauguration of the program to begin training its recipients will take place in September.

It was an enjoyable workshop, where participants had the opportunity to undertake several activities to see their level of knowledge and how to link the concepts of food and nutrition security, and if they could identify and respect the model of the Best Families in their program along its progress, through the development of educational activities.

During the week, the activity counted with the presence of Bernardo Roehrs, Corporate director of Agroamérica S.A., Byron Santizo, general coordinator of Solidarity Program, Gustavo Aqueche and Walter Tello, human resources managers of the farms, Hilda Alvarado, general coordinator of Best Families Program, and ground technicians Luis Alfredo Taracena, Allan Rodas, Verónica Maldonado and Vivian Barrios.

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