Agroamerica rewards its workers with the 2012 Fernando Bolaños Productivity Prize

Agroamerica rewards its workers with the 2012 Fernando Bolaños Productivity Prize

Guatemala, June 2012. More than 400 AgroAmerica workers were awarded the Fernando Bolaños Productivity Prize. Winners met certain criteria which contributed to their personal, economic and professional growth, as well as the company’s performance. The prize included a cash award, a certificate, a T-shirt and a cap. This yearly event was named after AgroAmerica´s founder, Fernando Bolaños.

Upon receiving the prize, Amparo Cifuentes, who weighs fruit, said: “I have never before been rewarded for anything. I am touched and very proud because we are now champions. Now with this money I can pay some debts.”

The objective of the award is to recognize good performance among workers and to motivate them to continue to strive for excellence. It rewards the best employees of each of the packing plants according to the following criteria: no sanctions, minimal absence from work, exemplary performance and more than six months of employment at AgroAmerica. Prize winners received a T-shirt, a cap and a framed certificate signed by the company’s top officials.

Additionally, the prize recognizes the collective effort of the packing plant with the largest increase in production during the year. AgroAmerica rewards its workers with a cash bonus. The more they produce, the more they earn throughout the year.

Ernesto Telón, president of San Francisco Madre Selva?s Community Development Council, said: “With this activity the company expresses its gratitude to its workers, and they feel motivated and work better. They are all winners, the employer, the worker and the community.”

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