AgroAmerica ranks among the top 10 of the most transparent companies in sustainable palm oil practices in the world

AgroAmerica ranks among the top 10 of the most transparent companies in sustainable palm oil practices in the world

GUATEMALA CITY — AgroAmerica ranked as the 7th sustainable company out of 100 oil palm companies in the world. This year the company received a rating of 84.95% in the latest Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) Assessment recently released by the UK-based Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The SPOTT platform promotes the transparency of companies by disclosing their policies, practices, and commitments related to environmental, social, and governance issues.

Fernando Bolaños, CEO of AgroAmerica, said that this is the third consecutive year that AgroAmerica participates in this sustainability evaluation, intending to improve, year after year, its practices and commitments, and continue to offer food products sustainably produced and distributed.

SPOTT evaluates 180 indicators grouped into 10 categories: Sustainability and leadership; Landbank, maps and traceability; Certification standards; Deforestation and biodiversity; HCV, HCS and impact assessments; Peat, fire and GHG emissions; Water, chemical and pest management; Community, land and labor rights; Smallholders and suppliers; Governance and grievances.     

The evaluation aims to measure the progress of companies towards sustainable production and marketing of palm oil. Among the most notable results, AgroAmerica obtained the complete qualification in HCV, HCS and impact assessments, for its commitment to the conservation of ecosystems, especially in areas of High Conservation Value.

Additionally, its commitment to zero deforestation and the use of technological tools for the optimization of natural resources, as well as the implementation of programs and projects for compliance with labor and land rights and the verifiable establishment of good relations with communities, allowed AgroAmerica to be among the top 10 of the companies evaluated in the transparency ranking.

The SPOTT evaluation team, comprised of professionals from prestigious London universities, belongs to ZSL, and is part of the Palm Oil Roundtable (RSPO).

“Participating in this evaluation is part of our policy of being transparent in our sustainable production practices and reaffirming our commitment to comply with international standards, which leads us to differentiate ourselves and have a competitive advantage in the oil palm sector, as well as promote a sustainable production and trade, ”stated Bolaños.

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