AgroAmerica Fights Poverty And Malnutrition In Guatemala Through The Food Bank

AgroAmerica Fights Poverty And Malnutrition In Guatemala Through The Food Bank

Guatemala, January, 2013. Agroamerica as part of its Social Corporate Responsibility Program has joined the Food Bank of Guatemala -BAG-(for its initials in Spanish) to distribute food in the Department of Quetzaltenango and other areas of the country, which have been given priority because of its high rates of poverty and malnutrition.

For several years, Agroamerica has had food security programs in the communities close to their operations, such as “Familias Felices”, Nutritional Reinforcement with Bananas, medical event days, and others, to fight poverty and hunger in the South West Coast of Guatemala. This year, Agroamerica, became member of the Food Bank of Guatemala -BAG- and donated ten thousand dollars that will be used to buy food bags to be distributed in Quetzaltenango and other departments of the country.

“Contributing to BAG, we help make a positive impact in the communities close to our operations and achieve two of the Millennium Development Goals: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, and reduce infant mortality”, stated Bernardo Roehrs, Corporate Director of Agroamerica.

BAG is a nonprofit institution that collects food since 2006, with the support of the food industry companies, in order to distribute them in communities of extreme poverty, that are organized and don’t have the necessary resources to have adequate food.

Edgar Estrada, Executive Director of BAG, comments that it is important for private companies to support this type of associations and to care about social issues that help improve the living standards of rural communities in need, because “food and education are the key components to the development of a country”, points Estrada.

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