Agroamerica employees were trained by shipping companies

Agroamerica employees were trained by shipping companies

Guatemala, December 2011. Agroamerica organized the workshop “Handling of Containers” with the shipping companies APL, Maersk and Seaboard Marine in Escuintla for 22 employees. The main objective of these trainings are to detect possible failures of the equipment on time, and to be able to avoid the damage of the fruit.

This training was given to the quality control personnel, the plant staff, and the workers in charge of control of refrigeration and transportation of the company.

Jose Gálvez, Vice President of Commercialization, said that these trainings are held so that all people who work in the transportation understand how refrigeration units work to be able to control the fruit along the land transportation: “With this procedures we offer to our clients a better quality in the product”.

Before the training, Agroamerica hired a consultant from the United States who has a degree in Post Harvest, to evaluate the process of refrigeration in the Company and he explained the importance of having control on this process to avoid problems with the quality of the fruit. “Every time we have more and better techniques” said Galvez.

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