Agroamerica donated more than 14,000 bananas to the Subida por la Vida climb of the Agua Volcano

Agroamerica donated more than 14,000 bananas to the Subida por la Vida climb of the Agua Volcano

Guatemala, January 2012. More than 18,000 people climbed the Agua Volcano to participate in the Subida por la Vida initiative (Climb for Life) to raise awareness against violence in Guatemala. The activity was organized by the Jóvenes por Guatemala movement (Youth for Guatemala) and the British Embassy as part of the campaign Break the Cycle: Teach love, not violence.

“We supported this activity by donating bananas because we want to promote a positive change in our society, so that it is safer and more stable”, said Agroamerica’s Commercial Vice President, José Gálvez.

Organizers of the event were expecting no more than 10,000 people, but the massive participation of Guatemalans exceeded all expectations. During the climb the first human chain in the world to connect the base and summit of a volcano was formed. Event organizer and Coordinator of Jóvenes por Guatemala, Pedro Cruz, explained that the objective of the activity was to raise awareness about the importance of preventing family violence in Guatemala, which is one of the most prevalent forms of violence in the country. He also said that the money raised would be given to an NGO dedicated to fighting family violence. “I thank Agroamerica for believing in the project and for believing that we all have to join forces to prevent violence”, he added.

Mariluz Maza, a young participant who climbed the volcano, remarked that this event allowed her to realize how many Guatemalans, like herself, dream with a Guatemala with no violence. “I believe that without the support of companies such as Agroamerica this event could not have been possible. This demonstrates that there are companies committed to building a better Guatemala”, she said.

Similarly, event co-organizer and British Ambassador Julie Chappell said enthusiastically: “Supporting this event was exiting because we believe that we can, through a generational change, reduce the alarming levels of violence in Guatemala. As youth leaders say, less violence also means more freedom for those seeking to develop Guatemala’s great potential.”

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