Agroamerica distributes books to public schools in San Marcos

Agroamerica distributes books to public schools in San Marcos

Guatemala, February 2012. Agroamerica is supporting the Ministry of Education with the delivery of mathematics, communications, and language arts textbooks to first, second and third grade students in public schools in the Department of San Marcos.

Rodrigo Perera, president of Agroamerica Transportation Unit said it is important for the company to support education in the country: “Delivering the books as quickly as possible is critical for the beginning of the school year. We?re happy to be able to help schools in San Marcos get their books on time.”

Tere Ligorría, director of USAID/Alianzas, said that one objective of her institution is to involve private firms in social development, and she thanked Agroamerica for its collaboration. “The firms that helped out with book distribution are showing a real spirit of collaboration towards meeting our country’s goals by delivering quality educational inputs to students throughout the country.”

President Otto Pérez Molina stated that any sacrifice made in the name of education is an effort that will be recognized by all Guatemalans, especially children. “I thank companies for supporting education in Guatemala: the books being distributed will benefit thousands of children. This effort is possible thanks to the teamwork of a Group made up of 79 sectors including entrepreneurs, foundations, non-governmental organizations and individuals.

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