Agroamerica carries out an ophthalmology consult day for employees

Agroamerica carries out an ophthalmology consult day for employees

Guatemala, September 2012. More than 50 employees from Agroamerica had free eye exams in the office.

Agroamerica cares about the health of their workers and that is why they organized an eye exam day in the company and negotiated special prices and payment facilities with the ophthalmological clinic, to help the workers who needed it.

Last week, 54 workers benefited from the ophthalmologist clinic services and the support given by Agroamerica by helping them pay for their glasses and lenses in three payments.

The employees thanked Agroamérica and commented:

“With this event we had the opportunity to renovate our old glasses. The payment facilities given by the company, will help us a lot”, Elida Martinez, person in charge of cleaning.

“With these events we do not have to leave work, because there is no time to do these kind of things. We have the eye exam right here and the payment facilities help us buy what we need”, Luis Godoy, person in charge of maintenance.

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