Juana Mayor, 65, is perhaps the oldest of her colleagues at the packing plant, but she does not feel bad or discriminated against. On the contrary, she feels happy because “thanks to my work and my effort, I have managed to make my little things that I now have in my home, “said Doña Juana. “I do not like to miss, I like to be responsible in my work; this is how I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given so far to work in this company; I came for two days and it’s been 15 years. “Doña Juana plays the role of” charolera “; this is what is called the process of placing the fruit in trays, after it has been selected in the packing plant.

In AgroAmerica we do not discriminate by age or sex, nor by lack of studies. This is the case of Doña Juana Mayor, who was given the opportunity to work in the company, even though she did not have any type of studies and already had the age of 50 years.

Doña Irma Romero, fruit picker, tells us: “I arrived 18 years ago to work at Finca La Sierra, I started with several jobs and now I am a selector. Thanks to God and AgroAmérica, my children were able to study and they were also given the opportunity to work in the company, with which we have gone ahead.

Doña Irma is a 55-year-old woman and identifies herself as a feisty woman, since she has the lowest percentage of absenteeism in her work. She is also recognized by her companions as a woman of good character, educated, kind, with good human relations and always ready to help those who need it.

Doña Irma has demonstrated to put into practice the values ​​of AgroAmérica: perseverance, industriousness, teamwork, honesty, responsibility and generosity.

Doña Irma and Doña Juana were awarded on the Women’s Day (March 8), by the Ministry of Labor with the Order of Labor Excellence to working women.

Since AgroAmérica was founded, 60 years ago, human resources have been at the center of its operations and we currently have more than 20 policies for the benefit of our workers. In 2017, we received recognition for our Living Wage program, in the Unilever International Award, which recognizes the responsible companies. AgroAmérica was among the 5 finalists, of the more than 200 participating companies.