This weekend families around the world celebrate Father’s Day to recognize the contribution fathers (and father figures) make in the lives of children. Almost any man can father a child, but being a Dad in every sense of the word, and the impact that makes on the life of a child, is another story.

AgroAmerica is acutely aware of the influence fathers have on their children, families and the communities in which they live and work. Although being a Dad involves so much more than just providing for the family, we recognize that without that basic in place, the rest becomes so much harder.

Since the foundation of the company we’ve regarded our people as our main asset. After implementing the Food Security and Nutritional Program: “Better Families” with employee´s wives, we discovered that the mothers didn’t have the necessary resources to apply what they learned in the program.

This was our Aha! moment. We hired a consultant firm to investigate thoroughly the conditions of our field employees’ homes. This led to a Living Wage Study with the goal to determine “the livable wage” based on the basic food basket of the company´s employees. AgroAmerica is the first Guatemalan company to have conducted research into the concept of a living wage in order to pay its workers a fair and proper salary.

This research was done with farm employees by a third-party specialized consulting firm in 2011.The study confirmed that an AgroAmerica employee, working the number of days required by law, does indeed receive a sufficient income to live a dignified life with his or her family. And it has given us insight in to the socio-cultural reality of our workers and their families in order to determine the direction and focus of our social responsibility projects and set targets and performance indicators for the program.

We are the first company in Guatemala to carry out this research and ensure that we pay our 11,000 workers decent and appropriate wages, thus promoting the well-being of our employees and making sure that the fathers we employ can provide a better future for their families.