Founded in 1958 AgroAmerica has grown into a multinational agri-business corporation that employs 13,000+ people and operates in the United States, Europe, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Guatemala. We grow, ship and distribute bananas, pineapples and vegetable oils using sustainable farming methods.

AgroAmérica began as a humble banana plantation.


The AgroAmerica history started when we commenced  operations in Guatemala with one small banana plantation. For several years we tried out different types of crops.

AgroAmerica was exclusively dedicated to the production of bananas


AgroAmerica takes the important step of dedicating our activity to the production, marketing and export of bananas.

The AgroAmerica history was affected by Hurricane Mitch. We decided to explore producing sustainable palm oil.


Hurricane Mitch had a significant effect on the AgroAmerica history. As a result of damage caused by the hurricane we decided to abandon some banana plantations and start the palm oil business.

AgroAmerica history took an important turn when we extended our sustainable production process to pineapples.


The company expanded their operations to include distribution of pineapples grown in Costa Rica.

AgroAmérica consolidated its position as one of the main sustainable producers of bananas and pineapples


We consolidated our position as one of the biggest and most efficient banana and pineapple producers in the world and we were recognized as a reliable producer of sustainable palm oil in the region.

AgroAmerica received certifications from the Rainforest Alliance, Global Gap and BASC.


AgroAmerica earned the Raninforest Alliance, Global Gap and BASC certifications. A CDM project was approved by the United Nations. The Corporate Social Responsibility program was consolidated and focused on workers, families and communities. Some of these CSR projects have won awards.

We expanded our operations in Panama, Ecuador and Peru


The AgroAmerica history took an important turn when we expanded operations to Panama, Equador and Peru.  One of our companies became the fourth palm oil company in the world to earn the RSPO Identity Preserved Certification. This certificate guarantees full traceability – from planting to shipment. This is the fifth company to obtain the overall RSPO certification in Latin America and the first one in Central America.

AgroAmerica becomes the first company in the Americas to obtain OK Kosher certification


Two of AgroAmerica’s palm oil mills were certified OK Kosher- Pareve/Passover.  They are the only palm oil companies in America that have this certification.


Our CEO was selected as a SEN Sustainability Award winner in the Inclusive Business and Community category. The SEN Sustainability Award recognizes YPO organizations that are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In 2016 we were SCS certified. SCS Global Services recognizes companies for their sustainability accomplishments through trusted third-party certification and auditing services. SCS-certified brands are recognized for their environmental stewardship and social responsibility achievements, backed by third-party credibility and transparency