Corporate Social Responsibility

AgroAmerica cares for the welfare of its employees and families and seeks to improve their standard of living and contribute to the development of their communities through our corporate social responsibility programs. AgroAmerica has developed a human development program with emphasis on:

  • health
  • food security and nutrition
  • education
  • decent work
  • protecting the environment
  • savings and credit

Our social responsibility program is focused on four pillars

Besides sustainable farming and taking care of the environment, we believe our social responsibility embraces many facets of life. Taking care of our people is a priority for us.

We focus on our employees, but our care and attention goes far beyond that. No man is an island and we know that our people depend on their families and others in their communities. So our Corporate Social Responsibility programs embrace a much broader group.

Our CSR programs focus on many different aspects: since we grow fruit, health, food and nutrition play a big part in our Corporate Social Responsibility outreach. In addition, we seek to provide decent work and a sense of security. We also endeavor to help increase financial literacy and encourage savings.  We provide facilities to acquire financing at very low cost for housing, land, vehicles, electric appliances, etc.

AgroAmerica cares for the overall welfare of its employees and their families and also seeks to improve their standard of living and contribute to the development of their communities.

Education is important to us. One of our CSR programs is a private school for the children of our employees. The Mojarras school uses innovative methodology and provides excellent preschool and primary education.

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