AgroAmerica is conducting the second Diploma Course on CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION, for a new group of workers of AgroAmerica and community leaders, in order to build the capacity of communities near the farms to adapt to the impacts of climate change and learn of the importance of good risk management in vulnerable zones.

The Diploma Course is carried out in partnership with the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral del Trifinio Suroccidente (ASODITSO) and the Institute of Climate Change (ICC). The first module covered Integrated Basin Management: diagnosis of the basin, its importance and methodology; how to draft a basin management plan; and climate change definitions.

More than 50 persons participate in the Diploma Course, among them, AgroAmerica workers, community leaders from the Guatemala Southwestern, officers from the municipality of La Blanca, San Marcos and Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango as well as municipal firefighters.

Bernhard Roehrs, Corporate Director of AgroAmerica, pointed out that “these training courses are part of a comprehensive program for environmental conservation and CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION that AgroAmerica carries out with local stakeholders, government agencies and non-governmental organizations”.

Three meetings have been held with ICC including face-to-face classes, workshops and hands-on activities. A field trip to the high, medium and low sections of the Ocosito river basin was done to implement lessons learned.

According to ICC, “the effects of climate change are already felt and, even if current emissions were reduced to zero, there will still be changes for several decades. Adaptation is therefore necessary. IT IS IMPORTANT TO WORK ON MITIGATION AS WELL AS ON ADAPTATION”.

Communities that participated in the Diploma Course are San Luis, Pomal, Los Encuentros, Troje, San Rafel Pacayá I, Valle Lirio, Colonia Díaz, Chiquirines, Carrizales, Morenas, Colonia Barillas and La Blanquita, located in the municipalities of La Blanca, San Marcos; Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu, Retalhuleu.

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