AgroAmerica presents Corporate Sustainability Report

AgroAmerica its sixth Banana and Trocipal Oil Sustainability Report, which presents the impact of the programs, projects, and good practices that were executed by the world-leading company, regarding quality, productivity, and profitability of its operations. “Every report we publish reassures our commitment to contribute to a better world. It is a constant assessment of our [...]

AgroAmerica united to guarantee a healthy diet

AgroAmerica has established and managed health and Food Safety programs for more than 10 years, positively impacting malnutrition rates to promote a dignified life in the communities and areas in which it operates. Agroamerica is an agroindustrial Corporation that produces from an innovative and socially responsible perspective. One of its pillars is the commitment made [...]

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A Banana a Day Changes your Life

This is a Food Security and Nutritional Program that consists of giving away daily rations of banana to supplement the school meal for more than 4,000 children in 16 rural schools, thus contributing to the improvement of their health conditions and cognitive development. The program is followed with preventive health training sessions for children, parents [...]

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