AgroAmerica presents Corporate Sustainability Report

AgroAmerica its sixth Banana and Trocipal Oil Sustainability Report, which presents the impact of the programs, projects, and good practices that were executed by the world-leading company, regarding quality, productivity, and profitability of its operations. “Every report we publish reassures our commitment to contribute to a better world. It is a constant assessment of our [...]

OK Kosher

It is the system of quality control of foods according to the so-called Jewish kosher rules. Having the Kosher certification means that we comply with a strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality What is kosher supervision? It is the audit that is performed in the production plant by the supervisor [...]

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Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Agroamerica is the fourth palm oil company in the world in having an Identity Preserved RSPO certificacion, that means, Agroamerica guarantees full traceability from planting till shipment; and it is the fifth company to obtain this certification in Latin America and the first one in Central America. The main objective of RSPO is to promote [...]

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Rainforest Alliance Certified

Its role is to certify that “goods and services were produced in compliance with strict guidelines protecting the environment, wildlife, workers, and local communities.” This certification verifies that products have been grown using environmentally responsible practices such as soil and water conservation, fair labor practices are utilized, and there are good community relations. For more [...]

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Global Gap Certified

This certification is awarded to companies that “demonstrate standards of good agricultural practices which contribute to product quality, minimize negative environmental impacts of farming operations, and ensure a responsible approach to worker health and safety.” For more information about Global Gap Certified please visit this website

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Walmart Ethical Standars

The standards pertain to matters such as compensation, underage labor, and health and safety. The Ethical Standards Program was established and exists to verify suppliers’ compliance with the standards, to strenghen the implementation of positive labor and enviromental practices producing merchandise for sale by Wal-Mart, and to bring opportunities for a better life in the [...]

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Is a business-customs partnership created to promote safe international trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations. Corporate participants are expected to follow BASC’s security standards which are designed to improve their security practices and in the process deter contraband smugglers and terrorists from using their companies to introduce contraband and implements of terror in [...]

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