Children’s day in Agroamerica

Childhood is a unique and crucial stage of life and all children must be safe, healthy and educated. (United Nations). "Children are a fundamental part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs at AgroAmérica, which are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and run throughout the year, so the Day of the Child at [...]

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AgroAmerica contributes to a classroom construction for a School in Escuintla

AgroAmerica contributed with the donation of construction materials to build a classroom in the School of Huitzizil, Tiquisate, Escuintla. The construction will be used to teach preschool students; also, it will be used for communal activities and will be a provisional shelter in case of a natural disaster in the area. AgroAmerica representatives were invited [...]

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AgroAmerica united to guarantee a healthy diet

AgroAmerica has established and managed health and Food Safety programs for more than 10 years, positively impacting malnutrition rates to promote a dignified life in the communities and areas in which it operates. Agroamerica is an agroindustrial Corporation that produces from an innovative and socially responsible perspective. One of its pillars is the commitment made [...]

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AgroAmerica promotes processes of dialogue and community relations

AgroAmerica, in alliance with the Center for Social Responsibility in Guatemala –CentraRSE-, the German Agency for International Cooperation –GIZ Guatemala-, and mills in the area have organized a Diploma of “Sustainable Dialogue and Conflict Transformation". Wit the Diploma, AgroAmerica aims to strengthen processes of community dialogue and relationship in the area of influence of the [...]

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Students of the AgroAmerica School were awarded in the Regional Reading Contest

Schools from the public and private rural areas participated in the fourth reading contest of the municipalities of the Southwest Zone of Guatemala; in which the first three places of each grade level were awarded regionally Students of the AgroAmerica School were awarded among the first three places in their respective categories for having exceeded [...]

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AgroAmerica finances smallholders who grow different crops in Ixcán, Quiché, through the Agroforestry projects of the NGO EcoLogic. Agroforestry is an agricultural production system that intersperse trees with crops. The agroforestry systems introduced by EcoLogic are helping local farmers improve the performance of their crops without harming the environment. Some of the benefits of Agroforestry [...]

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The third class of the sixth grade of the Mojarras Rural Private School in Coatepeque, Guatemala graduated. The school is the result of an alliance between AgroAmerica and Funcafe that began in 2010 with the purpose of raising the quality of education in rural areas of Southwest Guatemala. The students enrolled in the Mojarras School [...]

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World Food Day marks the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. It’s observed by many organizations involved with food security around the world. AgroAmerica’s CSR programs are closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and several of their programs address this issue. Food security is defined by the UN as [...]

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AgroAmerica CEO Embraces Sustainable Development

Guatemala, March 02, 2018 – Business leaders and entrepreneurs can unlock new market opportunities worth more than US$1 trillion and generate up to 24 million jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) by 2030 through sustainable business models, according to the Better Business, Better World LAC, a recent report from the Business & Sustainable [...]

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