This weekend families around the world celebrate Father’s Day to recognize the contribution fathers (and father figures) make in the lives of children. Almost any man can father a child, but being a Dad in every sense of the word, and the impact that makes on the life of a child, is another story. AgroAmerica [...]

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World Banana Forum

The World Banana Forum is a permanent space of assembly for participants representing the global banana supply-chain to promote open dialogue on challenges facing the banana industry. This groundbreaking initiative brings together producers, their organizations, trade unions, cooperatives, exporter groups, fresh produce companies, retailers, traders, public agencies, governments, research institutions and civil society organizations.

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Procurador de los Derechos Humanos en Guatemala

The Ombudsman for Human Rights is a Commissioner of the Congress for the Defence of Human Rights established in the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international treaties and conventions accepted and ratified by Guatemala .

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