• AgroAmerica won the award for “Best sustainable oil supplier of the year” given by a recognized soap company in the US.  AgroAmerica was awarded the prize, mainly for its Rainforest Alliance certification; which certifies that goods and services are produced in compliance with strict guidelines protecting the environment, wildlife, workers, and local communities.
  • AgroAmerica CEO Fernando Bolanos received the SEN SUSTAINABILITY AWARD in the Inclusive Business and Community category.  The Social Engagement Network (SEN), is a network of members within YPO (Young Presidents Organization.) These annual awards cultivate awareness about inclusive business and community, philanthropy, sustainability and the environment.


  • Gustavo Bolaños was recognized as Best Manager of the Year by the Association of Managers in Guatemala. He received the award for his outstanding management of AgroAmerica, a company that currently has operations in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.


  • Unilever International Award
    AgroAmerica received a Big Tick in the Unilever International Award, category “Business fighting poverty”.


  • Walmart CSR Awards
    Walmart awards AgroAmerica for its corporate social responsibility programs.
  • UNAIDS Recognition
    UNAIDS recognizes banana producers in Guatemala to boost the labor policy of HIV / AIDS.
  • MAGA evaluation
    AgroAmerica was named by the Ministry of Agriculture of Guatemala-MAGA- as the banana company with best safety practices and food handling.
  • “Order of Work Excellence Award” from the Ministry of Work
    Worker of AgroAmerica received the Order of Work Excellence Award.


  • “Order of Work Excellence Award” from the Ministry of Work
    Doña Elviritia, worker of Agroamerica received the “Order of Work Excellence Award from the Ministry of Work of Guatemala.
  • Recognition “To the Last Cartridge” from the Ministry of Education
    AgroAmerica received recognition from the Ministry of Education for transporting textbooks during the school year.
  • Recognition of the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce -BASC-
    BASC recognized Agroamerica for being the first certified producer of bananas in the region.


  • UNEP recognition
    AgroAmerica was recognized and invited by UNEP to participate in the Global Dialogue of the Environment Programme of United Nations for its commitment with the Environment.


  • BSR Recognition – Dialogue Program

BSR recognized AgroAmerica for its productivity improvement through constructive dialogue with employees.