AgroAmérica held free HIV medical event days in its palm oil plantations in the southwestern part of the country. Over 180 employees voluntarily submitted themselves to an HIV test and received disease prevention training.

Agroamerica has an HIV / AIDS policy, where there is no discrimination and the rights of the people affected are respected, confidentiality is kept, the necessary support is provided and prevention is promoted through training and medical event days.

The medical event days are held regularly in partnership with the Department of Health of the municipalities close to the operations of the company. Dr. Glayds Sayché, HIV Coordinator for the Hospital of Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango, said: “Congratulations to Agroamérica for this type of preventive event days, raising awareness for HIV. Cases can be detected with an early diagnosis based on tests. This is a good initiative because workers have access to a healthy workplace and are trained on HIV “.