Agroamerica opened last Friday a medical clinic of the Human Development Center that will provide services to the company’s employees and their families. This is another effort of the company to promote comprehensive and sustainable human development for its employees and the communities surrounding its operations.

AGROAMERICA also contributes to the compliance of the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN, for reducing maternal and infant mortality. Together with the University of Colorado, starting in April, AGROAMERICA will provide health services at the medical clinic to AGROAMERICA’s workers, their spouses and children less than 18 years. The clinic will provide special care for pregnant mothers and their newborns.

“The lack of medical facilities close to neighboring communities allows AGROAMERICA to provide high quality medical services at a low cost for its employees and their families. This medical clinic is expected to provide services to 4,794 families in the southwestern trifinio area of Guatemala,” said Bernardo Roehrs, AGROAMERICA’s Corporate Director.

With the inauguration of this clinic, the third phase of a comprehensive development project for the south-west trifinio area (Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and San Marcos) ends. The first phase of the program began in 2008 with ” Happy Families” in which more than 1,000 mothers were given health services, most of them employees’ wives and more than 900 children aged 0-5 years, with weight and size control. Mothers received training in nutrition and food security, health and hygiene, self-esteem and values.

In the second stage the Fernando Bolaños School was built. Worker’s children receive quality education to ensure a better future.

The initiative for the medical clinic comes from the program “Happy Families”, together with the University of Colorado, as a third stage. In addition to routine medical services, a program for pregnant women and an early stimulation program for children will be implemented. Mothers will be trained on the importance of breastfeeding and the stimulation that babies must receive from 2 months to 3 years old. A total of 13 professionals will work at the medical clinic.

“Work is a source of welfare and development, which is why AGROAMERICA watches over so that employees have the necessary conditions for health and education, enabling them, their families and communities to enjoy wellbeing,” concluded Roehrs.