WASH and Agroamerica have joined forces to tackle one of the factors considered to be a leading cause of childhood morbidity and mortality in Guatemala: lack of drinkable water.

According to Guatemala’s latest national statistics, 25% of families have no access to potable water. In this context, WASH -with its wide experience in water and sanitation in rural communities– signed a memorandum of understanding with Agroamerica to join efforts in improving the health and economy of families in the Guatemalan regions of Escuintla, San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, and Retalhuleu.

“Agroamerica is doing some really great things. I’m impressed with the projects they are working on for the region”, stated Eric J. Harrison, director of WASH. Last year Harrison visited Agroamerica’s plantations, saw its good practices and programs that benefit the communities, making it a model company. For this reason he decided to work with Agroamerica to bring health and wellness to more rural people in ​​Guatemala.

The program includes the delivery of useful, long-term filters in a sustainable way, so that communities will always have access to safe and suitable drinking water. Agroamerica will kick-start the project with the initial fund and WASH will provide technical support and continue with the fundraising to expand the program.