The National Disaster Reduction Coordinator-CONRED-, in partnership with ASODITSO and the support of AGROAMERICA, accredited 92 people of 12 communities of municipalities La Blanca, Coatepeque and Retalhuleu as members of the Local Disaster Reduction Coordinator-COLRED.

The communities that now have a COLRED are Los Encuentros, Santa Fe, San Luis, El Pomal, Valle Lirio, La Blanquita, Las Morenas, Salinas I, Salinas II, Colonia Barillas, Palmar II and Chiquirines.

Since January of this year, CONRED and the Southwestern Trifinio Integral Development Association- ASODITSO-, with AGROAMERICA support have been training new COLRED’s members on the following issues: disaster risk reduction management; functioning and methodology for local coordinators; risk diagnosis, types of shelters and how to organize them; climate change, their causes and adaptation, COLRED commissions (evacuation, rescue, shelters, safety and coordination) and local response plans.

The aim of COLRED is to give support to the communities during natural disasters and organize them to learn to react in the correct right way to an event, and if necessary, provide the first response, in coordination with municipal or departmental authorities.

“We thank CONRED for transferring knowledge for COLRED’s formation, because we are a vulnerable araea to flooding and we should be prepared for winter,” said ASODITSO president, Felino Sandoval. “We also appreciate AGROAMERICA’s support for coordinating and managing the entire accreditation process and congratulate the municipalities of La Blanca, Coatepeque and Retalhuleu for their support in organizing the accreditation’s event.”