Guatemala, June 2018.- Guatemalan oil palm plantations Agrocaribe and Agrofrancia, which are part of AgroAmerica corporation, are the first in the world to obtain Rainforest Alliance’s Sustainable Agriculture “Level A” standard, having also exceeded the average time of six years to reach top level, since it was reached in the first year.

During the year of the process, AgroAmerica certified estates were audited on over 30 critical standard criteria on compliance. The criteria of the three levels were audited: Level C (good), Level B (excellent) and significant progress to accomplish Level A (optimal).

José Roberto Montenegro, General Manager of Agrocaribe and Agrofrancia, stated: “This is an important step for AgroAmerica in our commitment in favor of sustainability and social responsibility. To be the first company in the world to obtain Rainforest Alliance’s Level A is reason for pride plus a commitment to continue to strive every day to maintain global oil palm sustainable standards.”

Rainforest Alliance’s new continuous improvement system recognizes that sustainability is a pathway, an ongoing process, more than a final goal. To keep their certification, certified companies must show a growing degree of compliance with Ongoing Improvement Criteria over time.

“For us at Rainforest Alliance it is highly significant to have companies like AgroAmerica that are truly committed to sustainability and ready to go beyond the minimum requirements of audits and that voluntarily engage in greater efforts to improve and accomplish the highest possible goals” said Conrado Guinea, Senior Manager of Rainforest Alliance standards.

“Nationally and internationally, these farms are clear examples of the commitment to raise productivity standards under strict sustainability metrics” said Lucía Jurado, Executive Director of the Inter-American Tropical Research Foundation (FIIT in Spanish), the agency in charge of conducting the farm audit process.

About AgroAmerica:

AgroAmerica is an agro-industrial corporation with operations in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, the United States and Europe. It is a leader in the sustainable production, marketing and export of bananas and vegetable oils as well as in corporate social responsibility. It gives employment to more than 13,000 persons. For more information, visit

About Rainforest Alliance:

Rainforest Alliance is an international non-for-profit organization that works to build a future where nature is protected and biodiversity flourishes, where farmers, workers and communities prosper, and where the sustainable use of land and responsible trade practices are the norm. We visualize a world where persons and nature prosper in harmony.