Seven months ago, AgroAmerica in alliance with local stakeholders, arranged the establishment of a new preschool and primary school in the municipality of Ocos, San Marcos, which became a reality this month.

Among the achievements reached by AgroAmerica are: The Land Fund (Fondo de Tierras) donated 2.75 hectares of land for the construction of the school, and Ocos Major repaired a house to be used for temporary classrooms.

The Director of Education of the department of San Marcos thanked AgroAmerica for supporting education in the south west, especially the schools in Ocos.

Neighbors from Morenas village also thanked AgroAmerica for their help with the communities.

“We are happy in AgroAmerica with this achievement, because for the company is very important to contribute towards education in nearby communities where our employees live” stated Humberto Orozco, Community Relations Coordinator for the company in the southwest.