49.8% of children in Guatemala suffer from chronic malnutrition, a condition that affects one in every two children under the age of five. To fight those numbers, AgroAmerica has developed the program One banana a day changes your life, which consists of the donation of bananas as a nutritious supplement to school meals, accompanied by preventive health activities.

To expand the scoop of the program, AgroAmerica signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food -MAGA-. The agreement establishes that AgroAmerica will donate 133 tons of bananas during the 2020 school year to 12 schools in Quetzaltenango.

The alliance was signed by Minister Oscar David Bonilla Aguirre of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food, aiming to contribute to food security proposed in the program “One banana a day changes your life” promoted by AgroAmerica in support of the Great Crusade for Nutrition, promoted by Guatemala’s government.

“In addition to reducing malnutrition, the main objective of the program is to seek the participation of each of the social actors (company, community, and government), promoting the community’s self-management capacity to generate development,” said Gustavo Bolaños, AgroAmerica COO.