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Our Products

Our business primarily focuses on growing, shipping and distributing the best Cavendish and organic bananas complemented with transportation and logistics services, and pineapple comercialization. We cultivate tropical fruits in accordance with the most demanding international quality and labor standards, using leading edge technology and modern irrigation systems.

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Agroamerica is one of the largest banana growers in Central America, Ecuador and Peru. It employs more than 7600 employees in the banana production. Agroamerica is member of Better Banana Project (BBP). It has the global certifications Rainfrorest Alliance, Global Gap and BASC. Agroamerica besides being a competitive company demonstrates its interest in the welfare of its employees, communities and the environment. Agroamerica supplies fruit to large companies and supermarkets in the U.S. and Europe.



Agroamerica commercializes premium pineapple and have international certifications. The region in Costa Rica where the fruit is produced, allows to keep quality standards all year round.