Agroamerica contributes to Guatemala’s Food and Nutritional Security and the Attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

Guatemala, November 2011. For the past two years Agroamerica has been implementing the Better Families program in 12 rural communities across the country. A self-help program, Better Families focuses on improving the health conditions, nutrition and social behavior among beneficiary families. Among its goals are to reduce malnutrition and infant mortality rates, improve school performance [...]

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Agroamerica cares about the health and nutritional status of its workers, their families, and the surrounding communities.

Guatemala, August 2011. Agroamérica, concerned with the nutritional status and well-being of its employees, their families and the residents of the communities surrounding their farm operations, have taken on the responsiblity of helping the children suffering from malnutrition. The most recent case Agroamérica took charge of was the young daughter of an employee from Chiquirines. [...]

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